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Web Design
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Web Design
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Web Design

Digital Design

Without a digital platform, companies can’t reach out to their audience or stay in touch with their (potential) customers. Digital content and the platform itself is essential. To make them as captivating as possible and to convince customers and clients, they require specific design. Digital design includes website design, app design and specific UX/UI solutions.
Website Design
Website design encompasses more than what you see and click on. On the one hand, a project such as designing a website consists of several phases: from planning to conception and design to creation. On the other hand, planning and conception go beyond the aesthetics of the page design and also focus on the overall functionality of a website.
App Design
The creative process for App design works similarly to that of Website design. Here, too, the creation of the app starts with conceptualisation and planning, and depending on the platform or device the app is being built for, the phases of creation can differ significantly.
UX / UI Design
Even if you don’t need a complete design for your website or app, but instead specific solutions for your digital product, you still need someone with experience in UX / UI design. In short, user experience (UX) designers are responsible for the functionality and usability of a digital product. User interface (UI) designers, on the other hand, deal with the visual design of the app, the website or the digital product – i.e. with the colours, fonts, the visual language, etc.